NorWest Air Conditioning & Heating Services has years of experience in the PTAC industry and provides clients across the New York area with the best in PTAC installation and sales. Our service area extends to clients in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Among our selection of high quality PTAC units that can be installed are units from McQuay International. Ensuring your building is kept at a reasonable temperature is vital. Get the best PTAC units on the market when you go through NorWest!

McQuay International is one of the largest air cnditioning, heating, ventilating and refrigeration  companines in the world. Through their years of experience, they have gained a worldwide reputation for providing a full line of high quality products that can meet the demands of any customer. Now, through our service, these efficient and reliable units are avilable for installation into your building. 

NorWest Air Conditioning & Heating Service has a wide range of quality PTAC units for sale, including units from McQuay International. We proudly serve clients across New York, including Queens and Manhattan. If you are interested in any of our PTAC units, please contact us today. The number to call is 718-747-1009. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our McQuay International units or about any other PTAC units or services available.